You Can Heal from Any Disease

August 2, 2016 Dr. Jim Claussen

You Can Heal from Any Disease


How do you know if you are healthy? Not sick? No symptoms? No disease? How do you know if you have it?

When I ask how you know if you are healthy, I usually hear that you feel good. But, can you feel heart disease? Cancer? Diabetes? Not until it is too late. Health is something that each and every one of us is looking for and we are not even sure what we are looking for. That is a serious issue. Health is not merely the absence of signs and symptoms, but a state in which every cell, tissue and organ are in 100% communication with your brain 100% of the time. Any interference to this communication will cause your body to malfunction and you would not even know it. Signals are being sent every moment through your nervous system. Science states that with the weight of a dime on a nerve you could lose up to 60 % of communication without any pain. Can you be healthy when your nervous system is compromised?

The world around us teaches us that when you feel good you must be healthy. That is not totally true. Your body uses signals to alarm you when there is a problem. Pain always has a purpose. We are taught to take a pill or drink a potion of some sort to feel better. This is like yanking the fire alarm off the wall instead of putting out the fire. We think when the alarm stops the problem must be gone, but the fire still burns. Well that sounds ridiculous. Exactly!! The pills make you feel better by masking the pain signals but they do little to create health within your body. Just listen to end of EVERY drug ad. They ALL talk about side effects. Are those good? Why don’t they call them bad effects? The side effects, even when they are not felt immediately are pushing your body and cells away from health, but you feel good. The whole idea is wrong!

True health is an inside job. Only your body can create health. Do you know how powerful your body is? It all started with one cell! That one cell contained all the information about you. It knew that you were going to be a man or a women. The cell knew you were going to have blue or brown eyes and what color your hair is. It knew that you were going to be 5 foot 11 ¾ inches tall! WOW, all from one cell! Then the one cell starts to divide, and divide and divide. 50,000,000,000,000 cells in an adult. At some point in your development, that one cell had to change to form brain cells, heart cells, liver cells, skin cells etc. How did the cell know to do that? Science has come to learn that there are roughly 200,000 reactions that happen in each and every cell in your body simultaneously every moment of every day! Science also demonstrates that some 300,000,000 cells are dying and growing every minute of every day for your entire life. Some reports state every cell has been replaced at least once every year, some multiple times. With that understanding, your body is only about one year old. Does it feel like it? Does it function like it is brand new? If it rebuilds itself every year then how can someone have a sickness or disease? Great question. If the cells are rejuvenating every minute and there is interference to the communication system you are in trouble. You start to build yourself sick. You have to understand that all diseases are a process. The body is always perfect. It is perfectly responding to interference or perfectly responding to the power that made your body. The disease did not just show up this morning. It has been adapting to everything that you have been doing to it every day.

You have choices every day in how you choose to live. What you eat and drink. How you exercise and rest. How you breathe. What you think and most importantly what you allow in. We will discuss these 7 essentials in more depth in future blogs, but for now know that they all have a huge impact. More than most people believe. When your body has the opportunity to restore proper communication and your choices are impeccable and your internal program is strong, healthy, vital and alive you will achieve new levels of health. Enjoy the journey.

In future blogs we will be discussing the seven essentials more in depth. Stay tuned.